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Aqupharm Needlefree Accublu Giving Set

20dpm pump compatible giving set. Specifically designed for veterinary use with anti kink and bite resistant tubing near the catheter site. With 2 needle free valves for user safety

Technical Details

  • 20 drops per minute
  • Accublu pump compatible tubing, easily identifiable section
  • 15 micron filter
  • 2 needle free valves
  • A roller-clamp with a nifty notch to allow quick temporary closure of tubing and g clamp
  • A FullStop™ priming vent allowing set to be primed without losing any fluids
  • Rotating Luer lock
  • 18ml priming volume
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Technical Info

Set Length Tubing Diam(mm) Vent Micron Filter G Clamp Y-Injection Port Needle Free Valve Leur Lock Connector FullStop™ Priming Vent Priming Volume
180 3 Yes 15mm 1 No 2 Yes Yes 18ml

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